I, Am Very Happy

So i went on my laptop about half an hour ago, and went onto my blog. And to my delight, I have a comment on my most recent post!

I am so happy, and i would love to thank @swajithkas for commenting!

I have had may more views since this morning, and I would love to thank everyone that looks at my blog!

As I am on here, I am just gunna have a little chat to you guys.

I hope that my blog will be successful, but I don’t think it will. I find it hard to come up with ideas, as I discovered the other day in English at school. We had to make up a ‘villain’ . While everyone was drawing their hideous villains, I was just sitting there, trying to think of an original idea. But I couldn’t.

My life isnt perfect, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have amazing friends and family.

I was just wondering, do you think you could give me ideas on how to be more creative. Because I don’t want my blog posts to get boring.

I know you’re probably think what the hell am i doing, but I’m just looking for some advice. And I’ve just realised, I’m meant to be the one giving advice…

If you do want advice, do contact me on here, or just comment…

But i would love it if you could help me just a little, to help get me started…

The help will be much appreciated!!!

Love from,

Summer Skye xxxx

Going offline x


2 thoughts on “I, Am Very Happy

  1. There are many ways to increase & expand your creativity.
    Meditate regularly…
    Always, at least spend half an hour with you self only…
    Be nature friendly…
    Spend & spare your time with nice, helpful & positive minded people..
    Read as much as possible…
    And, last but not least ( if you are believer in God, spend some time with him/her)

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