So its Christmas day, and I got ‘Girl Online’ by Zoe Sugg aka. Zoella, the blogger and YouTube sensation (who I love, not in that way but you know what I mean)  and its about this girl who writes a blog. She has a lot of bad things that happen in her life, like boy troubles, friend trouble, panic attacks and more. I wanted to help some of you out there that were having any kind of troubles.

I’ve had my fair share of troubles, like most teens do. I’ve got over most, and I would love to help so as many people as I can!

In the comments you can share your troubles, anonymously, and I will answer them in this blog. No matter what the problem is, from boy/girl troubles, friend troubles, parent troubles, family troubles and anything else, I will try to help. I’ll try to give you helpful advice which i hope will help you… And if it doesn’t help, then im sorry.

I will share my experiences with you if I’ve had the same troubles, and try to help!

I know no one is probably no one reading this but I hope there is!

Love from, Summer Skye (not my name, but I’m staying anonymous too!)

Going offline… Love ya!!