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I know there is going to be different troubles for different people, but I’ve done some research to see what most teenagers are worried about. Here is the top 10 things that came up. In no particular order:

1. School And Time Commitments

2. Appearance And Fitting In

3. Friends

4. Love

5. Family

6. Future

7. Money

8. Weight

9. Being Bullied

10. Beliefs and Culture

Being worried about these things is nothing to be ashamed of, everyone worries about them. I’m going to give you some tips on how to stop worrying about them, and how to sort them out.

1. School And Time Commitments ~ School can be stressful, I know that. You want to get the best grades/levels, you want to impress your friends, teachers, parents and your classmates. We get a lot of homework, all due on the same day. Or you have a big project that is due next week. We all at some point get overwhelmed by the overload of homework.

If you have a test, try to revise. I know I know, we all hate revising. But I’ve found out that if you revise, even just for half an hour the night before a test, it should help get you the level you have wanted. If you have been off ill and don’t know some of the stuff, speak to your teacher. They will give you some revision. Your parents will be proud of you, whatever you get, as long as you try, you should be fine. Dont worry about what your friends or peers think, its your grades, not theirs. As for homework, I would suggest doing that homework the night you get it. Therefore if you don’t understand it, you can ask your teacher the next day, or if you forget to do a piece, you can do it the next day, and you won’t be worrying about it.

2. Appearance And Fitting In ~ We all worry about our appearances and ‘fitting in with the crowd’, but you don’t need to be worrying. You may have this gigantic spot on your nose, and it hurts like hell, or you don’t have the clothes that are ‘in’. Everyone worries about this.

We are all teenagers, and we all are going through the same thing. So don’t worry! It’s not your fault that you’ve got a pimple on your nose. And for not having the ‘right’ clothes. Dont worry! We all have our own unique style and its your choice of what you wear. We all get influenced by what we see in the media. But just because Taylor Swift is showing off her new Prada bag, or David Beckham is posing with his Fred Perry, doesn’t mean you need to have them.

3. Friends ~ Everyone what’s to be popular. Or at least have some friends. We all worry about people not liking us. But there is no point trying to be someone else to get people to like you.

True friends will like you for you. Fake friends will be there, get what they want, and go. As I said before, be yourself. Don’t be someone else just to get friends. True friends will like you for you. They wont care how much you weigh, how much money you have, what your house is like, about your past or what your family is like. They will love you for you. Not for being this made up person that you are pretending to be. Don’t buy your friends either, does not end well. Trust me!

4. Love ~ Maybe you have a crush on this girl/boy at school. Maybe you are going out with someone, but you think they are going to dump you and run off with your best friend.

First of all, you need to stop worrying. Think about what is so great about this crush of yours. Are they nice to you? Do they treat you like you wish they did? Maybe, this person isn’t all you thought they would be. They might be a completely different person on the inside. Do they seem fake? As for your boyfriend/girlfriend, do you really love them? Do they treat you like you want to be treated? If you love them, then stay with them! Its their loss if they dump you! If they dump you, then they clearly aren’t right for you!

5. Family ~ Everyone has family issues at some point. Your parents maybe splitting/getting divorced. Or a loved family member has just died. It happens to everyone. Maybe not the parents splitting up, but most people experience someone dying in the family.

My parents split up when i was younger, and it didn’t affect me that much. But sometimes, especially if you’re old enough to understand what’s happening, it can hurt you and upset you. But your parents splitting up is probably for the best. They are most likely arguing and not getting on, and its upsetting them both, and you. No one likes to hear your parents arguing. So wouldn’t you what them to be happy? Maybe they could even find someone else, that is more suited to them, and makes them happier. As for someone dying, you just need to handle it in your own way. If you need to grieve, grieve. If you need to talk to someone, talk to someone. What ever you need to do, do it. It will help. The pain will get better, and if it doesn’t, then maybe think about getting a councillor. They can help you professionally.

6. Future ~ Now and then, we all worry about our future. Maybe you know what you want to be, or maybe, like me, you have no clue. Many people will try to influence us into picking what they want you to pick. But, its your life, not theirs.

You don’t need to worry about what you are going to be. Life might point you in the right direction. Or you may discover a love for something you never knew about. Maybe there is something right under your nose that you don’t know about. But don’t let others pick for you. Its your life, not theirs. People may give you ideas, but they can’t tell you what you have to do. Just because your dad is an awesome footballer, doesn’t mean you have to be. Just because your mum is a scientist, doesn’t mean you have to be.

7. Money ~ Some people are rich. Some people are poor. Some people are just okay. You don’t need money to be happy. You might be able to afford all the posh bag, or you might only be able to afford the bag from sainsburys that cost you a fiver. It doesn’t matter.

Friends wont judge you on how much money you have. Well, true friends wont. You might worry that you can’t afford to get a new skirt for school, or you can’t buy the latest fashion. If you desperately need money, then talk to someone who can help. If you are getting bullied about having too little or too much money, talk to someone. I’ll talk more on bullying later. But remember, money is just a number, and that number doesn’t matter, it’s your health and wellbeing that matters.

8. Weight ~ We all worry about our weight. We all have them thoughts in out head that say ‘Am i too fat?’ Or ‘What will my friends think?’ Weight doesn’t matter. As long as your weight doesn’t affect your health, then don’t worry.

When you hit puberty, you will most likely put on weight. And depending on how tall you are, will depend on your weight. Dont starve yourself just because you have a little bit of a tummy. Not eating will make your stomach bloat, and will make it look even bigger. It’s not good for your health either. If you want to lose weight, eat more healthily, and do more exercise. But just don’t over do it.

9. Being bullied ~ 77% of students get bullied. Thats a lot higher than you thought, huh? Luckily, I’ve never been bullied before. But there is many people who are. Bullying is never right. And if you are being bullied, in whatever way, you NEED to report it.

I don’t know why people are bullies. It could be that they are jealous. It could be that they feel that you are a threat to them. They may have been influenced to do it. What ever the reason, it is NEVER right. And you need to tell someone. No matter who it you tell, they will sort it out. You can tell the police, you could tell your parents, your teachers, childline, CEOP, anyone. you just need to get it sorted out.

10. Beliefs and Culture ~ We all have different beliefs. People may disagree with what you believe in. But they don’t matter. You believe in what ever you want to believe in.

It can be hard having a belief that maybe no one else in school has. But its your choice in what you want to believe. Dont let others say you can’t believe in something. Its your choice, not theirs.

I hope I helped! I loved writing this and thinking about how to give you advice!

If you are being bullied, and you don’t know how to report it, you can contact Childline at this number :  0800 1111

Or you can go on their website:

Love from,

Summer Skye xxx

Going offline… Xxx


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